Lighting Control

Automate & control your Lights from anywhere in the world with your phone or Alexa


Features and benefits

Optimise home Lightings

Keeping the lights off whenever you don’t need them. Its smart, remember?

Easy to set up

The switches doesn’t requires any neutral wires to be connected at all. Its suited and made for Singapore homes. Just remove your traditional switches and place the smart switch in directly

Control multiple lights

The smart switch is able to control multiple smart home devices in one button. One click on the switch is able to turn off all lights and aircon of the house

Make your own rules

Create scenes and rules for the lights to know when to turn them on automatically, or off when you need to be sleeping.

One app to control it all

The app has access to all the lights at home. How cool is that?


Assurance of getting help from when needed from local support centres.

Controlling your lights have never been so this easy