Application and Curtain Control

Using the small little things to control every part of the house. From the aircon to the curtains.

Features and benefits

Control your curtains

When the sun is up, it will automatically draw the curtains closed so that it protects the whole house for you

Easy to set up

The devices just need either a battery or a power source to power up. Battery Operated ones can last up till a few years of usage.

Gives you a sense of security

There are motion sensors, contact sensors that can be placed all around the house to detect unwanted intrusions

Make your own rules

Let your devices communicate within themselves at a specific timing, or detecting a specific motion by creating rules, scenarios and schedules right from your mobile phone.

One app to control it all

Adjust temperature and light settings, Arming your houes before you leave, turning on the welcome home mode, all with a single app.


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