Who else would care about your home as much as you?

Well, Meguard would. Your home matters to us.

Founded in 2017, Meguard is a subsidiary brand of KJ Security PTE LTD. Our company is a registered Singapore based Smart Home brand that is dedicated to making homes better and smarter with affordable, user friendly, and future-friendly technology.

For the longest time, ‘smart home’ technologies have been too complicated & expensive for everyday people. In the connected world that we live in today, this shouldn’t be the case. That’s why we started Meguard so that we can make the world a smaller place by giving you the power to control virtually any device in your home or business from anywhere in the world through our technology. This gives you important information about your home whenever you want it.

By partnering with one of the biggest smart home brands in the world, Meguard can ensure an ever-expanding eco-system of devices that will work together in homes and businesses to give meaningful impact to people, families, and their communities.

We believe that security, convenience, connectivity and energy management should be a priority. To us, that means delivering homes and businesses with quality products that are durable for you to enjoy for years. There are a lot of smart home brands out there. But they can’t always connect or communicate with one another. But with Meguard you can.

As your family grows, so should your smart home. Our ultimate goal here is to help make life simpler and more secure for everyone. Therefore, our team is dedicated to making this technology accessible to the world which means we’ve got you covered on the installation and tech part. Giving you more than just a peace of mind.


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